CMMC 1.0 Practice AT.2.057 Requirement:

Ensure that personnel are trained to carry out their assigned information security related duties and responsibilities.

CMMC 1.0 AT.2.057 Requirement Explanation:

Ensuring that your personnel are trained to carry out their information security responsibilities is critical to having an effective information security program.

Example CMMC 1.0 AT.2.057 Implementation:

Provide additional training to staff who are responsible for carrying out security and system administration tasks. The training is meant to help them learn the skills needed to accomplish their assigned duties. Training can be in the form of courses or by requiring staff to hold professional certifications.

CMMC 1.0 AT.2.057 Scenario(s):

- Scenario 1:

Alice is a system administrator and is responsible for administering your company's Splunk security information event management (SIEM) solution. Management pays for Alice to go to a course on Splunk and earn a Splunk certification.

- Scenario 2:

Management has decided that all employees with information security responsibilities must be certified. Management pays for the employees to earn CompTIA Security+ certification.

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