Data Mining

Data Mining and Extracting Historical Data

How we helped a regional logistics company access historical data and provide the tools to mine it for information

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Client Objectives

The client was seeking a software solution that converts historical data into a modern format and allows for it to be searched and for reports on trends to be generated. The solution also had to have a graphical user interface that was easy to use.

What We did

As part of the effort to design and code a software solution to meet the client's objective we performed a study their historical data and created a database design to house the millions of lines of data. The database also had to be designed to ensure that data could be efficiently queried. To ensure the availability of data, we setup a backup solution

Once a relational database design had been created and provisioned on a server, we now had the task of extracting the historical data and loading it into our new database. To do this we built a script to scrape the data line by line from existing logs and automated the data transfer.

Once the data was loaded into the database it was time to construct a means for our client to access and search the data. Our client was not well versed in database queries so a Graphical User Interface was the right course of action. We created a user interface where the client could select multiple columns to display, the ability to create queries through a search box, and return the results in a table.

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The Result

By having access to historical data via the GUI we created for our client they were able to data mine historical trends in regional trucking and logistic routes to discover new business opportunities for their clients.

About the Customer

East Midlands Logistics has been providing regional trucking and logistics data to suppliers in central England since 2017.


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