Email Marketing Automation Platform

Email marketing automation platform = six figure increase in sales

How we helped a small business increase their sales by six figures and in salary cost using a custom built email marketing automation platform

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Client Objectives

The client sought a solution to automate manual email sending tasks performed by their marketing team with the objective of increasing marketing output, and reducing labor costs.

What We did

As part of the effort to design and code a software solution to meet the client's desired objectives, our team studied and spent time with their marketing team to understand the repetitive nature of their email marketing tasks. Next our team broke down the key components of their process to better understand how to automate it,

As part of our design philosophy we believe in architecting future proof designs, in this instance a system to store, manage, track, and email prospects with a personalized touch. With the design in hand we met with our client, presented our design, outlined coding timelines, detailed the handover; including training, operation, and future maintenance, and with an enthusiastic and eager client we got the go ahead to transform their marketing with our software development solutions.

The Result

By using our custom built email marketing automation platform our client was able to increase email sending per marketer from 300 a day up to 10,000 emails per day. Additionally they are now able to centrally manage their prospects from a single web portal that tracks email opens, automated unsubscribe requests etc. Our client within 180 days increased their sales by 126% due to the force multiplier our software provided their business, additionally the business was able to avoid hiring additional marketing staff.

About the Customer

Sky Computing has been providing IT support on the east-coast of the United States since 2013 with expertise in laptop and desktop repair, data backup services, and website development.

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