Free and open source cybersecurity tools

5 Open-source Cybersecurity Tools Every Company Needs

Using free and open-source software (FOSS) to meet your cybersecurity needs is a great way to improve your organization’s cybersecurity posture without emptying your wallet. Here are 5 open source cybersecurity tools your company can leverage.

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Companies can use NMAP to scan their systems to identify open ports, running services, and vulnerabilities. Running this tool against your company’s servers and identifying non-essential ports and services, then disabling those is a great way to reduce your attack surface.

Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP)

Most companies have a website. Using ZAP you can run a web vulnerability scan against your website. Then you can look up the vulnerabilities and remediate them.


This open-source vulnerability scanner is great for companies on a tight budget. It scans systems such as workstations and servers on your network to identify vulnerabilities. After scanning you can remediate the vulnerability via patching or configuration changes on those systems.


Nikto is another web vulnerability scanner you can use to identify vulnerabilities on your corporate website. It is an effective tool used by most penetration testers.


Unencrypted workstations, external hard drives, and USB thumb drives are all great ways to ensure that your company experiences a data breach. Use Veracrypt to encrypt your workstations (if they don’t have built-in encryption) and your removable storage devices. The great thing about Veracrypt is that the encryption is operating system independent, so a storage device encrypted with Veracrypt will work on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems as long as Veracrypt is installed on the system.

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